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How to make cement mortar?

How to make cement mortar?



Answer: mortar-cement is made by mixing sand, cement and water.

Any individual can develop cement mortar to carry out masonry work. The mortar consists of three main ingredients: sand, cement and water. To obtain a "traditional" mortar, start by adding two to three volumes of sand to the volume of cement that you have previously prepared to give it a certain consistency, then complete with a third of water. This will give you a compact mixture that you will need to use within two hours. To then be able to properly apply your cement mortar to a surface, mix it with a shovel so that your "paste" is uniform and it no longer sticks to your tools. Finally, use it in small quantities when you work, this will save you from wasting your mortar, but also the final rendering of your id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos