Children's cooking: special to the USA!

Children's cooking: special to the USA!

While their parents are celebrating or mourning their new president, what are the little Americans doing? I give it to you in a thousand, they cook! In any case, they have equipment that allows them to bake without the help of mom and dad, devices that may be in the hood of Santa Claus in France in a few years. While the poor French child must often be content to imitate with real false appliances, the little American can for example use a real oven that is specially dedicated to him: the Ultimate Oven from Hasbro
The principle is based on the fact that the oven has no door but an opening on the side which only allows to introduce the baking sheet (and a child's hand?).

They can also become real topping professionals thanks to Wilton's Topping Tornado, a manual machine that waltzes… er?… Stuff to sprinkle? (how to define Sprinkles)
It's huge and it's useless, the kids will love it!

Finally, know that Bakerella, the queen of cake pop, has just released a box specially designed for children: the Ultimate Cake pop Set.
A multitude of accessories to create cake pops of different shapes. The most terrible thing, as parents, is that we are going to have to taste it.

And for those who want to skip the cooking step, there is also the Cake Pop Maker by Cool Baker.
From what I have read, the cake pops do not need to be baked but only put in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. According to the reviews, these are also the worst cake pops on earth.

I don't know about you, but it put me in a very good mood!