How to restore a dull floor tile?

How to restore a dull floor tile?



Answer: by cleaning it with a window cleaning product or with pure milk.

It depends on the type and color of your tiles. To restore shine and luster to a white tile (or in white tones), clean it with a window cleaner. This kind of product will make it look shiny and satin. If you have a tile of another color, wash it with pure milk, and let it dry as well, without adding water. You can be assured that it will gain shine! For tiling in small ceramic tiles, it is rather advisable to wash it with lemon juice. Leave on for two hours before rinsing. Finally, for terracotta and ceramic floors, here is the trick that will allow your tiles to regain their shine: use linseed oil. Clean your tiles with water, detergent and a few drops of ammonia, before drying them with a dry cloth. Once this step has been completed, apply a first layer of oil with a brush, and repeat the operation once the first layer has dried. You too, send us your DIY question.