Paris: 5 decorative addresses around République metro

Paris: 5 decorative addresses around République metro

The République metro is a real nerve center of the capital with no less than 5 lines that meet there. And when you leave the station, you have the pleasure of discovering a completely renovated Place de la République designed for pedestrians where they are invited to settle in Fermob furniture. And if you stop at this station, do not miss our decoration addresses to discover or rediscover!

1 - The House of the Hammock

If you're a nap lover, this is the place for you! And yes, there is indeed a shop entirely dedicated to the art of napping and more specifically napping in a hammock. You will then discover hammocks by country of origin but also unusual models such as the hammock chair to give yourself a moment of weightlessness at home. The good news is that the store lets you try out some models! Entering this shop may well give you the desire to relax. 57 rue de Malte - 75011 Paris

2 - Le Murano Urban Resort Hotel

A very chic address near Place de la République, the Murano is defined as an urban palace. And if the rooms are expensive enough, you can enjoy the panoramic fireplace and its white Chesterfield by simply having a drink at the bar or enjoying the restaurant. The atmosphere is trendy but it is a must for lovers of urban design. 13 boulevard du Temple - 75003 Paris

3 - Food

Contrary to what one might think, Food is not the name of the last trendy restaurant but that of a bookstore. But beware, this is not just any bookstore since it specializes in the culinary world. The books are presented on tables and the tiling evokes that of traditional kitchens, a real gold mine for cooking enthusiasts who will find there books of recipes both practical and decorative but also decorative guides for cooking. 58 rue Charlot - 75003 Paris

4 - Les Saintes Chéries

At 200m from République, there is a small shop that does not lack originality! It is a space entirely dedicated to girls, whether small or large. So there are fashion with accessories and jewelry but also small decor, dishes and even creative hobbies for children. And the good news is that prices are often small to really treat yourself. An address to test between friends or mothers and daughters! 29 rue Bouchardon - 75010 Paris

5 - Pop Market

Deco, books, stationery, kids corner, you can find everything at Pop Market! To make small gifts or to have fun, the boutique in the fifties tones of the Canal Saint Martin (open on Sunday afternoon) frightens the walkers with its original objects sometimes retro and sometimes offbeat. A real selection among which you will find brands like Sentou, Petit Pan or Mimi Lou. Know that if you venture on the ground basement, you will even discover a corner La case de Cousin Paul to create your own light garland. 50 rue Bichat - 75010 Paris
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