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Trendy interview and recycling with Anna Beyou

Trendy interview and recycling with Anna Beyou

727 Sailbags, the trendy and decorative brand based on boat sails and unique creations: recycling of materials and French manufacturing (Lorient) are the watchwords of the brand. Meeting with Anna Beyou, its associate director.

How did the brand come about?

Jean-Baptiste Roger founded the brand in 2005 in the Gulf of Morbihan, starting with bags for his friends. Then Erwann Goullin and I joined him to develop the brand. We work a lot in complementarity all three, at all levels of the company: artistic direction, communication, economic aspect ...

What does 727 Sailbags mean?

The 727 was Jean-Baptiste Roger's first boat (boat Farr 727 by the naval architect Bruce Farr) and Sailbags translates into English as "bags in sail".

Where do the sails come from?

Sails come from everywhere: amateurs, renowned sailors, sailmakers ... all participate in business development and recycling. Every two or three months, we leave with our truck for the collection campaign, in France and in Europe to recover a maximum of raw material. Then, each sail gives rise to one or more unique creations: bags, lamps, cushions ... These are sold accompanied by an identification sheet which retraces the authenticity of the sail: provenance, boat to which it belonged, seas on which she sailed.

Even browsers are part of your project?

Yes. Over the years, we have developed partnerships with renowned skippers, who supply us with their sails, such as Michel Desjoyeaux or Samantha Davies. More recently we have published a collection made from the sails of Eric Tabarly's latest Pen Duick.

What are the brand's latest creations and collections?

We have dressed the legendary AA armchair with our recycled sails, in collaboration with AA New Design. Our new collections are in the process of being created: the brand has just put on sale two column lamps, table sets and a new desk lamp, all in recycled sail of course!

If you were a boat? Browser ?

I would be a sailing boat of course, probably a pabouk love (small sailboat that allows you to sail around the coast in peace) which is made in Brittany. A navigator by profession, my husband is naturally my favorite. In the personalities of the nautical world, Eric Tabarly is in my eyes a real myth.

If you were a decorative object?

I would be a lamp. More info: Our practical seaside decor videos